Together with our implementing partner the Rural Development Institute (RDI) of the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (HIHT) in Dehradun, we have a range of educational projects for underprivileged children.

Recently we started a project with the Greenfield School in Dehradun regarding the education of children with a disability. 


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Current Projects

Greenfield School – special education

As of April 2022 we started with the sponsoring of four special needs students. Since this is a small continuation of our disability project. Why four? The pandemic has crippled us all and fund wise we have to start small. These four students needed our help urgently.

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Flying Birds

Pooja Kajal Day Care Center: "Flying Birds", HIHT campus, Dehradun. In Dehradun (Uttarakhand, India) labourers are doing the ongoing construction on the compound of the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (HIHT). These labourers and their children (on average 80) are mostly migrants from other state…

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The Bella Tailoring Project

The Bella Tailoring Project is formally installed at the Skill Center on the RDI compound, near the Flying Birds school. Our gratitude and appreciation goes out to Isabelle Hamminga for sponsoring 2019 en 2020! Two moms and 5 young ladies ages 18-20 will be sharing their knowledge and skills, will…

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Computer Training Classes

It’s been some time coming but here we are! Flying Birds taking digital flight with the donated laptops from Basic computer learningprogram, language learning, health education, interactivelearning using multi-media support and capacity building of teachers.

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What we have accomplished so far (2017-2019)

  • The children are fed and educated six times per week.
  • Providing clothes, shoes and schooluniform.
  • Schoolgardening is in progress.
  • The children are invited to events on the campus.
  • The playground of the “Flying Birds” Day Care Centre is constructed after completing the building. The maintenance of the building and surrounding area is supported by the RDI on a continuous base.
  • Teachers are recruited by the RDI and the Pooja Kajal Foundation to invest in guiding and educating the children. The employment of the teachers is supported by the Pooja Kajal Foundation.
  • Health Camps are organised on a monthly base and water supply is rehabilitated on the ground of the Day Care Centre, by the RDI.
  • Educational and recreational material has been supplied by the Pooja Kajal Foundation as well as a blackboard.
  • Sanitary (3 toilets).
  • Maintaining the infrastructure.
  • Setting up small scale projects for community members.