Greenfield School – special education

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As of April 2022 we started with the sponsoring of four special needs students. Since this is a small continuation of our disability project. Why four? The pandemic has crippled us all and fund wise we have to start small. These four students needed our help urgently.

What do we provide to these students:

  • Four exams (two units tests, one half yearly and annually exam)
  • Access to computer and library
  • Online support and classes on Zoom & Google Meet
  • All extra curricular activities (celebration of all Indian festivals, good luck party and 'special people needs days')
  • Annual function 'IndraDhanush'
  • Annual sports
  • Sweets and fruits at functions and events
  • Picnic (if any)

This project is for the duration of the academic year 2022-2023.