Project Covid Relief Fund For Migrant Workers

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In Uttarakhand, Dehradun, where the Pooja Kajal Foundation is active the challenge is containing the spread by keeping the migrant workers and their families in one place. When migrant workers move around to find work to feed their families, Covid spreads around. Posing a huge risk for their families, communities and frontline workers.

The Flying Birds compound is no exception, with underprivileged families moving around to make a living. With this fund we aim to finance and aid our implementing partner HIHT-RDI with the following:

  • Personal protection equipment for social workers and healthcare workers who work in these communities. It is of the essence to keep our frontline workers safe and healthy when they move around in the community. Medical face masks, Face shields and protective clothing are considered personal protection equipment.
  • To provision of saturation meters and oxygen cylinders as well as sanitizers are the first aid Covid care measures that these workers need to service the community.
  • Food supplies and other resources for the community and people in the wider area around the compound of the Flying Birds school. Resources are facemasks, soap, sanitizers.

We cannot stress the importance of keeping the families in the area and within the community. When they leave because they cannot provide for their families, this is a serious health threat and creates huge uncertainties in their life.

Because a new job is not promised and therefore they are always at risk for:

  • Not being able to provide for their families.
  • Their children also miss out on education.
  • Missing healthcare checks.

Your help is needed, please click the Donate-button on top of this page. Help us and our implementing partner from another disaster taking place, while being sensitive to the challenges these people face.